Western Dressage Comes to Georgia!



It was only natural that at some point on this journey east would meet west, english would meet western, and Classical Dressage would meet the spirit of the western horse. When that day arrived, Western Dressage was born.

Western Dressage discipline is a melding of training methods.

Classical Dressage brings the techniques of master European horsemen, techniques that are hundreds of years old and based upon principles which encourage cadence, balance, and carriage. It is technical and it is precise, a rigorous discipline for horse and rider. It is also an art.

Western Horsemanship brings light hands, subtle cues, and an appreciation for the ultimate benefits derived from a true partnership between horse and rider. The concept of “lightness” and subtle cues grew from its acceptance. They found that the result was good for both horse and rider.

Georgia was the home for the Olympic Equestrian Games in 1996 and continues to grow in the equestrian world.