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NEW FREESTYLE!!! NEW improved GUIDELINES for 2019!!!

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WDA of GA is proud to enter into the fourth year of offering our Georgia members a High Point program.   This affordable program is open to all riders at all of the WD levels.  The award program year is February 1, 2019 to December 31, 2019.  There are divisions for Amateur, Open and Youth.  The cost is $25 per horse/rider combination per level (and $15 for youth).  For example, if you are sharing a horse with a trainer or a youth rider, each person would need to enter the program separately even with the same horse.  There are six levels to choose from: Intro, Basic, Level 1, Level 2, Level 3 and Level 4. You may only choose 2 consecutive levels per year.  For example, you can choose Intro and Basic but not Intro and Level 1. Rules are available at the awards banquet and online. It’s the exhibitor’s responsibility to learn the rules.

To enter: Fill out the 2019 High Point Award Application Form online to pay via PayPal, or print it out and send it in with your check to the High Point Chairperson, Kim Depp, 1520 Tate Rd, Summerville, Ga 30747. Make your check payable to WDAGA and make sure it is $25 (adult) /$15 (Youth) per each level and horse that you are entering.  (If you show your horse in adult Intro and Basic, that would be $50)  Then get out there and show! After you show, within 30 days photocopy/scan the back of your test(s) showing your name, horse’s name, show, date, class, score and judge’s signature. Then email to the High Point chairperson, Kim Depp, kjdepp@windstream.net. All average test scores will be published quarterly on Facebook and our website. Keep in mind these quarterly results are an average of ALL scores submitted and do not inc. the 3 judge, high/low score toss rules. The final results are not revealed until the awards banquet. It’s strongly encouraged that everyone keep track of their tests in case of discrepancies. You need a minimum of 8 tests from any WD shows in GA that are judged by a “L”, “r” or “R” rated WD/traditional dressage judge. These 8 tests must be from at least three different judges.

High Point: 

New in 2019 is Freestyle! Freestyle will include all levels together. In future years, if there is enough interest, then freestyle will be divided by levels. One horse/rider combo for each rider level (Intro, Basic, Level 1, Level 2, Level 3, and Level 4, and Freestyle), Division (Open, Amateur or Youth) and Overall High Point. Percentage scores are used. Division and Overall scores can come from 2 consecutive levels. Ex: High Point Amateur could use their scores from Intro and Basic with the same horse so long as they signed up/paid for both levels.

Level High Point: From your total number of tests the top 8 are pulled, then we drop the highest and lowest, leaving 6 tests to be totaled and averaged.  Your final percentage score will be calculated for High Point.  For example:  You compete in the Basic level and show in 24 total tests under four different judges.  Your top 8 scores will be pulled, checking to make sure they are from at least 3 different rated judges.  If not, we will continue to pull scores from more judges until we have at least 8 tests.  Then, we drop the highest and lowest scores leaving 6 scores for calculation.  Those top 6 are added together and divided by 6 to give a final score average. Exhibitors competing in 8 or more tests are chosen first for awards. If no one has 8 tests, then the next highest number is used. This is done this way while WDAA is transitioning to WD only judges, when scores should be more consistent. Today, some of the shows in the high point program are schooling, WDAA recognized, and USEF with judges of different levels.

Division High Point and Overall High Point: Open, Amateur and Youth. Using at least 8 scores from at least 3 different rated judges, all of your scores will be used in the average. Overall High Point is over all divisions and all levels.

To enter, you must be a current member of WDAGA and WDAA.   I encourage all of you to get out and ride, enjoy your horses and possibly earn some awards along the way.  Remember it’s all about the journey!

Highlights of the High Point Rules:

    • Awards are based on horse/rider combos


    • Entry Fee: $25 Adult; $15 Youth for ea combo in ea level


    • Divisions: Open, Amateur, Youth (under 18). Levels: Intro, Basic, levels 1-4 and Freestyle (all levels together).


    • High point in each division and level and overall.


    • Open to all paid participants who are Western Dressage Association of America and Western Dressage Association of Georgia members.


    • Scores count in Introductory, Basic, First Level, Second Level, Third Level, Fourth Level and Freestyle.


    • Must ride a minimum of EIGHT Georgia tests under three (3) different “L”, “r” or “R” rated judges (per level). You may show in as many classes as you like, but only your top 8 scores are used for High Point Level. All scores are used for High Point Division and Overall.


    •  Rider submits an application with their fee(s) payable to WDAGA, Kim Depp, High Point Chairperson, 1520 Tate Rd, Summerville, Ga. 30747 or enter online. For scores to count, paid applications must be received before the end of a show. Retroactive scores won’t be eligible for high point.


    • Scores must be submitted to Kim Depp, kjdepp@windstream.net, within 30 days of the show.


    • Top 6 (after dropping highest and lowest from 8) percentage scores will be added to calculate total points for High Point Levels.


    • In case of a tie, the horse/rider with the highest single score is the winner; if the highest scores are the same, the next highest scores will be considered until the tie is broken.


    • Total points will be posted on the Western Dressage Association of Georgia web site and Facebook quarterly: www.wdageorgia.org.


    • Awards and final results will be presented at the Annual Western Dressage Association of Georgia meeting in January 2020.


  • High Point year will be February 1, 2019 through December 30, 2019.

Only scores from Georgia shows qualify for High Point.

Rookie of the Year Award:

We have created an award designed to bring new people into the sport every year by offering a Rookie of the Year Amateur and Rookie of the Year Youth award. The rules are simple and there is NO FEE to enter the Rookie program.  Please read more below:

    • 1 – You must be a current WDAGA member


    • 2 – You must be in your first year showing Western Dressage


    • 3 – The award is based on the rider only regardless of what horse they show


    • 4 – You must ride in at least 8 tests under 3 different “L”, “r” or “R” rated judges .Your scores will be tabulated by dropping the highest and lowest of your top 8 tests and then average your final 6 scores for a score. You can show as many tests as you desire but only your highest 8 will be used in the tabulation process.


    • 5 – There is an enrollment form for the program but there are no fees.


  • 6 – You must initial stating that you certify to be a first year rider in Western Dressage.  Anyone found in violation of this will be disqualified from the program.   

Enroll online or print out the Rookie of the Year Registration form below and send to our High Point Chairperson, Kim Depp via mail or email.

For any questions about the High Point or Rookie program contact Kim Depp, kjdepp@windstream.net or call 706-734-0947, 678-986-1639.

High Point Registration Form


Rookie of the Year Registration